Gnarojin Community Garden      

8 Hale St. Narrogin 6312       0474 438 154

The Gnarojin Community Gardens Dual-use Pathway project reached its culmination in June with the completion of its public art project ‘khôra’. Khôra in Ancient Greece was a territory outside the city proper; Khôra has maternal undertones and can represent a ‘receptacle’ for becoming and being.

The ‘Khôra’ was conceived and realised by local artist, Max Werner as a minimalist structure, utilising the support structure of the pre-existing bowlers’ shelter. Khora is a thought provoking  space for intimate conversation, for performance, or it could be an exhibition space. The Khôra will provide a sitting space midway along the path, at once set away from the main activity areas of the Garden but from which most Garden activities can be observed.

Gnarojin Community Garden is pleased to acknowledge the fantastic support of the Department of Local Government and Communities who have provided $9333 to enable us to complete this project. Along with the fabulous contribution of Max Werner, we would also like to thank the many volunteers who have assisted with the project in big and small ways, especially to Darren Piper of Allworkcivil for the initial site work for the pathway and to Michael and Jane Stephenson-Marsh of Landshapers Landscaping for preparing and managing the concrete pour and for the wonderful non-slip and inlaid finish and finally we honour Matt King's contribution toward the original conception of the project.